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Below you will meet the authors, and if you want to become apart of something great,

 contact us  here!


Jason Traub


Jason is an ACE certified personal trainer with over a decade of weight training experience.  He is a competitive bodybuilder and classic physique competitor specializing in hypertrophy (the building of muscle)

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Josh mckay


(high intensity interval training)

What’s up Stronghand fam!
I’m Josh McKay, you’ve probably seen me around throwing one of the Kettlebells around or
helping out at one of the gym’s events.
I’ve been in the fitness industry for over a decade now, and seen it all.

What I have found is a
plan and being consistent is the way to having a healthy lifestyle.

Trust me you don’t need to get
crazy right out the bag, all you need is to start!
Hit me up anytime via social or if you see me at the gym! This is your year!!


“Success is stumbling from failure to failure with no loss of enthusiasm.”
- Winston Churchill

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AshevilleJanuary2022 (42) (1).jpg

meg yvonne

general fitness

My name is Meg, and I was born and raised in the cold but beautiful state of Maine. Thanks to hibernating in the gym while the long winters passed, I discovered my passion for fitness. I have expertise in many different training modalities but have found two commonalities among the successful ones. Consistency and simplicity. Building your foundations and expanding from there keeps injuries low, progress steady, and won't leave you working out a hundred hours per week. 

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ian mckay


Hello! I'm the owner here at Strong Hand. I have 10+ years of powerlifting competition experience and over 5 years of coaching under my belt. My programming style is focused on bringing your best to the platform on meet day. I hope you enjoy the programming and if you ever need any help, please feel free to ask!!! 

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