Hi, my name is Ian McKay! 

I am the owner of Strong Hand Fitness in Hendersonville, NC.

My biggest goal is to serve my community and shape the lives of every member that walks into my doors. 

I am a navy veteran. Serving this country for 8 years was an honor and I would do it over again, however I am happy that I am out. I get to chase my dreams!

I was born and raised in Hendersonville, and lived my entire life here, minus the 8 in the military. I graduated from East Henderson High School and went straight into the Navy at 17 years old. I was Honorably discharged in 2014 and met my wife shortly after. I have been happily married since 2017 to Audrey, with my two daughters, Abby and Melanie.

Although powerlifting is my passion in the fitness world, I have been involved with many different aspects from bodybuilding to strongman, and even general fitness. I am becoming a certified Referee for the United States Powerlifting Association, and Strong Hand Fitness will be a certified training facility for that federation.

Strength is the one factor of fitness that can benefit every sport and hobby.  At Strong Hand Fitness, we will provide all the equipment needed to pursue strength. I hope that my experience and the people I surround myself with can help you with your goals!




Ian Mckay


713 Ray Ave

Hendersonville, NC


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